These rules are to keep the wiki safe and factual to its fiction. If you want to put up something that might bend the rules, please consult SilverstarOfRippleClan.

Character Page RulesEdit

  • You can only roleplay as the characters you create. Do not use other user's characters without permission
  • All characters must use the bases from this wiki alone. Any other bases used from other wikis will be deleted.
  • The rank of the character must match the base's rank (A character whose rank is a warrior must have a warrior base, a character whose rank is a queen must be a queen, etc.)
  • No fan art on character pages. Fan art must be kept to the user's user page.
  • No copies. If you are caught copying another user, your page will be deleted.
  • No random names. All names must make sense in the 'Warriors' world. (e.g. Good names are Spottedfur, Whitespirit, Brackenclaw, Blazeheart. Bad names are like Spiritsword, Hammerclaw, Slendercat, because cats don't know what swords, hammers, or Slender Man is)
  • Keep all pelt colors natural. (No cats should be colored anything that's unnatural, such as pink, multi-colored, green, etc.)
  • Only one picture per character page. You may have as many pictures as you like on your user page.

User page RulesEdit

  • No fan art from the internet is allowed on your user page. Only your own fan art allowed. 
  • No profanity 
  • No sexual references
  • No drug references
  • No advertising other websites. You may link favourite wikis, but no advertising them.
  • No spyware/bug links. ​​
  • No dating references

Roleplaying RulesEdit

  • You must use grammar, punctuation, and spelling to the best of your abilities
  • When saying something such as 'brb' or 'lol' put it in brackets to show you're speaking OoC (Out of Character)
  • You may either use stars or book actions. (e.g. *Sits down* or 'Brackenclaw sat down')
  • You can either put speech in speech marks or have nothing surrounding speech at all
  • No profanity
  • No sexual references
  • No drug references
  • No spyware/bug links
  • No advertising other websites
  • No dating references unless it is part of the roleplay
  • No meta-gaming (You may read another cat's page, but you do not know anything from that cat's page, aside from their appearance, until they tell you in roleplay.)
  • No godmodding (Between *Silverstar sticks her claws in Furryface's throat and kills him* and *Silverstar steps back and leaps at Furryface's throat* the second one is better as it gives Furryface a chance to retaliate.
  • No being a long-lost relative of a cat from the books (You are not Scourge's great-uncle's grandchild, you are not Firestar's mother's great-great cousin, ect.)
  • No having otherworldly/magical powers

Thank you for taking the time to read these rules.