Nightstorm is up for Adoption. Contact SilverstarOfRippleClan for more details or to adopt him for you to roleplay as.

Nightstorm is a Royal of Water Kingdom. He is a black tom with yellow-amber eyes. He earned his warrior name '-storm' as he was born during a storm.


Nightstorm is a great support and fiercely loyal towards Silverstar. He is a strong warrior with his weakness being sickness.

He barely made it out of the Greencough pandemic that spread around Water Kingdom, making him uneasy during Leaf-Bare.


Mother: Brindlepelt

Father: Blackstar

Sibling: Stripetail

Mate: Silverstar

Relatives: Goldenleaf (Sister-in-law)


  • Nightstorm


  • Nightstorm has been destined to be called Nightstorm ever since he was born.
  • Nightstorm was originally intended to have yellow-green eyes.

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