Hawktalon is a member of Water Kingdom and the brother of Silverstar and Goldenleaf. He is a chocolate tabby with darker brown stripes and golden-yellow eyes. He also has creamy coloured feet and a creamy-white tail, as well as white belly fur and ear tips. He received the name '-talon' because of his claws being as sharp as talons, giving him the unique ability to climb trees with ease. He is faster than he is strong, however, Hawktalon can still win a battle or two.


Hawktalon has a great need to always be right but he has a soft spot for his siblings and cats weaker than himself. If his siblings are in danger he can stand up for them. He can be very sarcastic and is easily offended but he has a good sense of humor and is nice to be around. Hawktalon's best skill is that he has great speed, but like his siblings he is an all rounder.

History (Before Roleplay)Edit

  • Hawktalon was born in ThunderClan alongside his siblings.
  • After a while of living in ThunderClan he decided to leave to find Silverstar and Goldenleaf.
  • He eventually came across Water Kingdom and is now a warrior there.


Mother: Brightflame (ThunderClan)

Father: Metal (Loner)

Sibling(s): Silverstar (Water Kingdom), Goldenleaf (Water Kingdom)

Relatives: Nightstorm (Water Kingdom, Brother-in-Law)