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Grass Kingdom owns the North side of Moon Kingdom lake, and are often frowned upon as 'The weakest Kingdom'. The current royals are Sweetstar and Wildclaw .


Grass Kingdom cats, or Grass Cats, are a very peaceful Kingdom, and would be the last to start a fight.

Even when happy, Grass Cats hardly ever talk to other kingdoms, and won't interfere with a fight among the other Kingdoms. If they are angered, they're still quiet and reserved, making the other Kingdoms think that they know something mysterious that they don't.

History (Before Roleplay)

The Grass Kingdom was founded by two gentle kittypets called Peach and Tails, who wanted to be part of a Kingdom, but no Kingdom would accept them because they appeared weak. So, one night at a Gathering, Peach and Tails announced that they had made a new Kingdom, and that it would own the North side of Moon Kingdom lake.

During the rule of queen Peachstar and king Foxtail, Grass Kingdom shared prey with Water Kingdom during a harsh leaf-bare.

During the rule of king Amberstar and queen Ebonyleaf, Grass Kingdom refused to fight alongside the Fire Cats and Water Cats against the Sun Cats.

During the rule of king Amberstar and queen Cheetahspots, Grass Kingdom finally agreed to help Fire Kingdom and Water Kingdom in the Great Battle with Sun Kingdom.

During the rule of queen Cheetahstar and king Marshclaw, Grass Kingdom tried to help Water Kingdom when the Greencough broke out.


Grass Kingdom owns the North side of Moon Kingdom Lake, where the thickest conifer grows and where there is lush undergrowth.


  • Entrance - The entrance to the camp is a gorse tunnel with more gorse woven in with holly for the barrier.
  • Elder's Den - The elder's den is a small conifer bush.
  • Mother's Den -  The mother's den is a large, hollowed out rock covered in lichen.
  • Apprentice's Den - The apprentice's den is right next to the warrior's den. It is a large, yellow shrub bush.
  • Warrior's Den - The warrior's den is right next to the apprentice's den. It is a large, yellow shrub bush.
  • Healer's Den - The healer's den is near the elder's den. The herbs are very cleverly hidden. The place where patients sleep is a hollowed out rock with ivy over hanging the entrance, and the herbs are stored in a rabbit hole at the back of the den.
  • Leader's Den - The leader's den is a rock in the middle of the sandy clearing. The top of the rock is used for calling meetings.

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