Batstar is up for Adoption. Contact SilverstarOfRippleClan for more details or to adopt him for you to roleplay as.

Batstar is a Royal of Sun Kingdom. He is a black tom with brown and white patches with blue eyes. He earned the warrior name '-wing' because of his uplifting attitude.


Batstar, while not a cruel cat, can be harsh when he's mad or upset. Unlike Sun Kingdom Royals before him, he doesn't gloat over every victory, only if he is in a bad mood does he do this.

He has a soft spot for his loved ones, and loves Brightwillow more than his Kingdom. He relies on her opinions in decisions, and takes her worries and opinions seriously.


Mother: Unknown (Deceased)

Father: Unknown (Deceased)

Mate: Brightwillow


  • Batstar


  • Batstar is based off SilverstarOfRippleClan's younger brother's OC, Hanran.